Yellmed is the second project of our company preceded by, which gave us an immense experience on the Russian market of Health and Beauty. So we decided to expand internationally with the launch of The main objective of is to introduce the medical approach of post-Soviet republics to the foreign audience and vice versa.Continue reading “Yellmed”

Dental Club

牙医汇是为牙医构建的分享想法、实践和趋势的在线社区。我们致力于帮助每一位口腔执业医师变得更好,为患者带来更好的口腔健康。 Dental Club is an online community for dentists to share ideas, practices, and trends. With the growing community, we strive to help every dentist become better, for the benefits of patients.

Revere Partners

Revere Partners is the first (and only) independent Venture Capital fund for oral health startups. Revere identifies early stage dental product, software, and service startups with strong return profiles for investors, and provides capital for these cutting-edge oral health innovations. Having built the largest database of oral health transactions and a world class team ofContinue reading “Revere Partners”

Mission Statement

Ever since Stratford first opened its doors, our mission has been to provide the absolute best learning environment, coupled with educators who care and who are amongst the most highly qualified in their field. We equip your children for their chosen field of study and careers with lifelong learning skills. Want to join the StratfordContinue reading “Mission Statement”