About Denttabs and its founder Axel KaiserDenttabs was founded in the fall of 2003 by Axel Kaiser. Initially only as a project of the sister company proDentum Dentaltechnik, where the whole idea of Denttabs was born.Axel is not a trained dentist, as one might think. After graduating from high school, he initially completed an apprenticeship as a car mechanic to give his hobby a more professional foundation. In the course of his alternative service, he taught himself programming in the early 1980s and worked in the field until 1992, both as a technician and as a lecturer. As a photographer, he photographed stars such as Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones at their concerts in Berlin on the side.In 1992, he and his two brothers foundeda dental laboratory in Berlin, which was intended as a sales organization for the parent laboratory in Singapore initiated by brother Christoph and which provided patients with high-quality dental prostheses at a much lower price. As it happened, Axel wasassisting one of the dental customers, Dr. Hendrik Eifler, with the practical part of his doctoral thesis, which involved developing a water-free toothpaste. The reason for this was the realization by Prof. Peter Gängler (then Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Private University of Witten-Herdecke and doctoral advisor for this thesis) that many ingredients were unnecessary for dental care and potentially critical for the body could be avoided. After several experiments and much research, a powder wasinitially created. More out of curiosity, a tablet was developed from it together with a contract manufacturer in Berlin, which was sold for the first time in the fall of 2003.In addition to Denttabs, Axel is passionate about sustainable business. He is involved with the Bundesverband für Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V. (BNW), is a founding member of Bürgerenergie Berlin (BEB) and politically active. He is a passionate sailor in his free time and spreads his favorite hashtag, “#WhenRightWasAlwaysWrong,” wherever he can.The benefits of Denttabs toothpaste tabsNatural Did you know that toothpaste with potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients is still sold today? We use 12 or 13 ingredients that comply with and carry the Cosmos standard for natural cosmetics. And we do not use any ingredients that our teeth do notneed or are potentially harmful. From preservatives and consistency enhancers to parabens and microplastics. In return, our tab consists of 70% renewable cellulose. The cellulose fibers in the toothpaste tab are derived from woody plant parts and gently polish your teeth ultra-smooth to the interdental spaces. That’s why new particles roll off the surfaces of your teeth. Coatings, also known as plaque, can practically not even arise.Sustainable Did you know that nearly 500 million non-recyclable tubes of plastic are produced in Germany every year just for toothpaste? Our Denttabs toothpaste tabs require about 80% less packaging than toothpaste and are packaged in industrially compostable, bio-based sachets. Less plastic and packaging with more content: one bag of toothpaste tabs equals two toothpaste tubesand lasts for twomonths. Moreover, the toothpaste tabs can be used right down to the last tab -with toothpaste, up to 14% remains unused in the tube. Both the tabs and the packaging are lightweight, saving significant weight and volume. This means less CO2 emissions during transport. Of course, you can also find our toothpaste tabs in package-free shops: 100% Zero Waste.Fun Fact: Did you know that toothpaste contains up to 50% water? Our toothpaste tab contains no water.

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