Oral Care International Exchange Summit

Date: March 29 to 31, 2022 Location: Hong Kong, China

Organizer: Shanghai RunningTooth Information Technology Co.Ltd 

Ticket prices for participants ( Tickets including Admission Tickets, Luncheon, Tea break, Conference Materials) : 

$ 350 per person for 1 day 

$ 700 per person for 2 days 

$ 1000  per person for 3 days  

Online Registration (Online Tickets Including E-book Magazine)

$ 15 per person for 1 day 

$ 30 per person for 2 days

$ 45 per person for 3 days

The detailed address of the meeting will be reminded and notified two months before the meeting. To ensure your safety, please book your tickets and hotels 6 weeks before the summit. 

Send payment to Market@runningtooth.com

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