Chloe Barrett Bio

The EdTech entrepreneur Chloe Barrett is the Founder and CEO of Immersify Education. Chloe established and grew a chain of training academies and experienced first-hand, the frustration of developing educational resources and the lack of products in the market. Growing that company, she showed her aptitude for business development, strategy, sales and marketing and successfully exited in 2018 to found Immersify Education. Immersify Education is an EdTech company that develops the modern day, interactive textbook. Enriched with immersive technology and experiences.

Utilising gamification, personalisation, 3D animation and expertly written content makes Immersify’s resources ideal to bring Higher Education, Further Education and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) into the new generation. The resources have been developed for cross-platform use on Mobile using AR, VR and Web and are well positioned to be the educational content platform of the Metaverse. She holds qualifications in Business, Law, Education, and Dentistry is adept at building relationships with key stakeholders and identifying potential partnerships. Coming from a sport background, as a professional, and as an award winning dressage rider, these experiences have proven Chloe has the determination and resilience it takes to be successful

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