Day 1: Discussion on oral care medical care plan and reform of oral medical devices

  • Application of vertical bone incremental technology
  • Modern Clinical Dilemma: implants VS endodontic treatment
  • Bonding technology of composite resin
  • Edentulous jaw implant program without bone grafting
  • Prescription and over -the -counter drugs — the choice of acute toothache
  • Risk prevention, and control of artificial dental implant
  • An important anatomical structure related to implant
  • Application of 3D printing in oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • The way of root canal therapy – the common problems and treatment details from irrigation to treatment and the development of preparation equipment for root canal therapy
  • Analysis and consideration of clinical development trend of periodontology
  • Application and innovative development of digital dental aesthetic restoration, digital orthodontic invisible correction scheme
  • New era posterior filling

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