Dr. Peng Ding

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D. from Dartmouth College (US)

About DeepCare

DeepCare is a AI technology company focusing on dental healthcare applications. Combining advanced AI multi-mode fusion algorithms with dental healthcare scenarios, DeepCare has developed advanced AI-driven systems and solutions, which enable our end users achieving instant dental clinical assessment and detection, providing dental entrepreneurs with precise decision-making system to elevate business and better connections with patients.  DeepCare has been focused on creating innovative dental AI products and services, by providing standardized management tools and personalized dental care experiences, aiming to help improve efficiency of diagnosis, treatments and communications, reduce burdens on manual resources, and levels up variable capabilities of individuals. Our system and solutions have been integrated in thousands of dental medical institutions around the world.

More Information please visist: http://www.deepcare.com/ (Official Website)

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