DAY ONE :  Discussion on reform of dental devices , devices materials, dental practices
9:00-9:30 am
Investing in oral tech and disparitiesRevere
Jeremy N Krell

9:35-10:10 am“Leveraging Technology in the Era of COVID-19Sage Dental 
Cindy Roark
10:15-10:50 amHow to Keep Your Practice running smoothly even if your schedule/practice is falling apartDental IntelligenceJessica Lamers
10:55 – 11:30 amThe convergence of innovation and technology and the synergies for change ahead. Our role in creating the future.XpoDential Dr L. Eric Pulver
2:25 -3:00 pmFactors for success in Clear Aligners32 Watts Clear AlignersDr.Didhi Singh
3:05 – 3:40 pmThe importance of Immersive Experience in Dental EducationImmersify EducationChloe Barrett
3:45 – 4:20 pmWhat are the differences between Orthero from other companies? The Orthero Distributorship modelOrthero AlignerAydın Dikkulak / ADİL ÇAMUR
4:30 -6:00 pmPanel discussion :
-Analysis and consideration of clinical development trend of –Periodontology
-New era of posterior filling
-Creative invisible braces
-Application and innovative development of digital dental aesthetic restoration, digital orthodontic invisible correction scheme

Julian Artope

Dr. Friedrich Widu

Sanjay Pathak

Dr.Pravin Shetty


32 Watts Clear Aligners

NOTE:The ultimate version of summit topics and guest speakers will be finalized two months before the summit. The current time table is for information purposes only. Part of the guest speakers are still pending.

Topics video

Interview with Zenyum

Interview with Dental Monitoring

AI application in dentistry
Implant-past and present
Interview with Immersify Education
Interview with Dr. Paul Kim

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