The World Dental Training Center (Beijing, China) is a leading modern comprehensive training and education professional institution in China’s oral industry, integrating offline education, online training, dental media, and the dental community.

Founded in 2008 by founder Dr. Huang Huan and his international team of teachers, WDTC has established extensive academic exchanges and partnerships with the world’s leading dental dentists to provide Chinese oral doctors with a wide range of internationally cutting-edge academic standards, highly clinically practical courses, and a sound international oral training, oral continuing education, post-graduate training and education platform for oral clinical specialties.

Qualified institutions and lecturers working with WDTC long-term include, but are not limited to: GIDE International Planting Institute, SSC Seattle Reading Club, Harvard University School of Dentistry, Dr. Jovanovic, Dr. Urban, Dr. Coachman, Dr. Lin Baoying, Dr. Liu Weicai, Dr. Li Qiang, Dr. Yang Minzhi, Dr. Sun Peng, etc.

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